Stain Solutions | Overview

How to Remove Stains

Found a stain? Don’t panic.

Stain Solutions | Overview

Here is a complete guide on how to deal with even the most stubborn stains effortlessly.

Water Soluble Stains

Coffee, juice, soy sauce and other water-soluble stains should be dampened with a wet tissue. Next, use a dry tissue or handkerchief to blot the stain. Repeat several times; then blot well to remove all water.

Oily Stains

Blot salad dressing or other oily stains with a tissue to soak up as much of the oil as possible. If you can find some soap, wet a tissue or handkerchief and pat soap onto the stain; then blot it with a damp tissue. Blot well to remove all water when you’re done treating the stain.


Don’t overdo it – sometimes, stubborn stains and delicate garments should be treated by a professional.

Treat the stain as soon as possible.

Select the appropriate treatment to match the stain and the type of garment.

Don’t rub – always use a clean cloth to blot the stain (Rubbing spreads the stain and may also damage the fabric).

To avoid leaving a ring-shaped stain, always work from the outer edge toward the center.

Choose a detergent formulated without brighteners to match the garment. Detergents containing brighteners may leave light-coloured patches if used for spot cleaning.

Read the label before using bleach and handle with care.

Keep benzene and alcohol solutions away from heat.

Step by Step Guide

Before treating any stain, it is always best to first test for colour fastness. Moisten the back of the hem or hidden part of the garment with the solution you plan to use to remove the stain; then blot with a white cloth. If the colour is transferred to the cloth, you might want to consult a professional for removing the stain.

  • Fold a clean towel and place the garment over it with the stained side facing the towel.

  • Use a wet toothbrush and work form the outer edge of the stain toward the center, tapping the stain to transfer it to the towel. Adjust the towel to ensure a clean surface and continue tapping until the stain no longer colours the towel. (Tap, don’t rub – rubbing may damage the fabric).

  • If the stain won’t come out with water, repeat the process above with a toothbrush dipped in diluted detergent. When the stain is gone, rinse by blotting with water to remove all the soap. After rinsing, treat the surrounding area to avoid leaving a ring-shaped mark. Blot up any excess moisture with a towel and let it dry naturally.

  • Apply water or detergent onto a piece of gauze. Place the gauze directly on the stain. Pinch up the stained spot as if to remove the stain.

  • Rinse well with water and make sure that the stain does not spread into a circle. Dab around the boundary lines so that it will not be so distinct.

  • Finally, use a dry towel to soak up the moisture and let it dry naturally.