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Laundry Tips | Washing, Drying, Finishing | Drying


Control the length of the spin cycle to prevent clothes from shrinking or being distorted

Wrinkling and distortion of clothes can be prevented just by adjusting the spin cycle and changing hanging methods when drying.

Prolonged Spin Cycle Causes Wrinkling and Distortion of Shape
When the spin cycle is too long, it causes clothes to wrinkle and distort its shape.

Tips When You Want to Spin Dry One or Two Garments Using an Automatic Washer
With the use of laundry net, wrinkle-prone shirts and thin-fabric garments can be washed together with other types of clothing.


  • Put clothing for shorter spin cycle into a laundry net before washing.

  • Set spin cycle to “short cycle” manually before starting the wash.

  • (Guideline: 1 minute for Cotton shirt, 15 – 30 seconds for other wrinkle-prone thin garments)

  • Wash normally with other clothes till the spin cycle ends.

  • When the short-spin cycle ends, remove only the laundry nets (with garments inside).

  • Repeat normal spin cycle for the remaining clothes.

How to dry clothes to prevent wrinkles

Here are some tips on drying to prevent wrinkles on clothes, as soon as the spin cycle ends, remove the laundry from the washing machine and hang out to dry. Smooth-out wrinkles before hanging the clothes and it’ll enhance the finish.

  • Step 1: Smooth out large wrinkles
    Give your clothes a light fluff or flip

  • Step 2: Smooth out small wrinkles
    Fold up the clothes first, then gently give it a few pats with your palms to smooth out the wrinkles.

  • Step 3: Smooth out remaining small wrinkles
    Smooth out portion on clothes where wrinkles are obvious by stretching them out on opposite directions with your hands. Eg, collar, fly, pocket, seam and cuff areas.

How to prevent musty odour from indoor drying

The main cause of musty odour when drying indoors is bacteria. Bacteria multiply rapidly under moist conditions when laundry is half dry. This occurs during indoor drying, or when we leave them in the washing machine for too long after a wash. Here are some useful tips for indoor drying.

Remove all dirt residues
If dirt residues have not been cleansed properly during washing, the bacteria from the dirt will start multiplying, thereby giving rise to the unpleasant odour. Hence, it is important to remove all dirt when washing the laundry.

Do not pile up the laundry
Do not let the laundry pile up. Try to wash soiled clothes as soon as possible. Also, do not use the wash tub of the washing machine as a laundry basket.

Use an anti-bacterial detergent or add bleach
Anti-bacterial detergents kill odour causing bacteria that causes musty odour from indoor drying. Attack's Advanced Anti-bacterial range goes the extra mile and prevents the growth of bacteria from wash to wear.

If you are not using an anti-bacterial detergent, bleach can be used to sanitize laundry. Both Kao Bleach (for whites) or Kao Colour Bleach (for coloured clothes) removes bacteria, preventing musty odour during indoor drying.

Shorten the drying time
Bear in mind that moist laundry promotes the growth of odour causing bacteria. Below are some tips to shorten the drying time:

  • Use the drying function of an air conditioner or dehumidifier

  • Place in a well ventilated area or create ventilation with a fan

  • Direct wind from the air conditioner or fan to blow directly at the laundry

  • Start ironing the clothes even though they may not be completely dry.