Laundry Tips | Washing, Drying, Finishing | Pre-Wash

Washing, Drying, Finishing

Laundry Tips | Washing, Drying, Finishing | Pre-Wash

Tips for laundry sorting

To prevent clothes from being ruined while washing (such as from colour bleeding), it is important to sort laundry before they are washed. Some tips when sorting clothes:

  • Sort by the extent of how dirty the clothes are
    For example, separate cleaner laundry items such as towels from dirtier items such as soiled children’s sports apparel.

  • Separate whites / Sort by colour tone
    We recommend always washing whites separately from colours. This prevents colour bleeding from coloured clothes onto whites, and also allows you to use products made to keep whites whiter. Consider using Attack Ultra Power or Kao Bleach to give that additional boost in whiteness and brightness.

    For coloured clothes, consider using products made to keep colours brighter. Attack Colour keeps out chlorine in water to protect the colour of clothes, while Kao Colour Bleach is a non-chlorine bleach that brightens colours with every wash.

  • Separate wool and delicates
    Wools and delicates require special care so it is best to separate them from your normal laundry items and wash them separately.

Test for colour fastness

To prevent colours from running in the wash or bleeding onto other clothes, do a simple test for colour fastness. Apply a concentrated solution of detergent onto a hidden part of the garment and wait for 5 minutes, then knead it with a white cloth. If the colour is transferred to the cloth, there is a good chance the colour will run in the wash.

For coloured new clothes, a good habit is to always wash them separately on a short cycle, or hand wash separately until the bleeding stops.

Pre-treatment for heavily soiled clothes / stains

For heavily soiled clothes, pre-soak in a concentrated solution of detergent in lukewarm water. Concentration ratio of detergent to water should be 6 times more than the recommended. Soak clothing for about an hour. If the stain is very stubborn, add Kao Bleach (for whites) or Kao Colour Bleach for 30 minutes to a maximum of 2 hours, and rinse thoroughly after that. Proceed to a normal wash.

Check for stains before doing laundry. If stains are present, it is recommended to pre-treat the stains and wash separately with cold water. Hot water can cause a stain to set. Every stain is different and here is a cheat sheet on how to remove different types of stains.