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Laundry Basics

Laundry Tips | Laundry Basics | Fabric Softeners

Fabric Softeners

Fabric softeners (or fabric conditioners) are laundry additives that helps provide the following benefits:

Gives a soft and fluffy finish to clothes.

Prevents static from building up and the formation of dark blemishes on clothes caused by static cling or dust attracted onto fabric by static electricity.

Smoothens surface of fabric with lubricant properties thereby preventing lint and fuzzballs.

Prevents wrinkling and tangling of clothes after the spin cycle in the washing machine.

Makes ironing easier

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Fabric Softener Usage Tip
Should I use fabric softener in every wash load?

We recommend using a fabric softener every time you wash towels, bed linen, stockings, lingerie and other items that come next to the skin. The softness and fluffiness of fabrics would be best enjoyed. Do note that too much fabric softener may lower the absorbency of certain fabrics, so always read the label and add the appropriate amount.

Will spin drying lessen the effects of fabric softeners?

The active ingredients in fabric softener are absorbed by fabrics, so spin drying will not diminish the softening benefits. Feel free to spin dry as usual.

Will fabric softeners cause skin irritation? Can it be used for my children?

Research shows that there is no need to worry about fabric softeners causing allergic reactions or skin irritation. In fact, by making nappies and children’s clothes softer, softeners can help to prevent painful irritation. Follow the directions on the label and do not use too much – over-softening lessens the absorbency of the fabric.

I heard that I can combine fabric softener and synthetic liquid laundry starch. What are the benefits?

The combination of fabric softener and synthetic starch gives you a smooth, soft finish with just a hint of body, perfect for scarves, summer sweaters, or other special items. Start by using the standard amount of fabric softener and starch, and then experiment to determine the best ratio for the type of fabric and the garment itself. However, always remember to refer to the clothing’s care label first before doing any kind of treatment to the fabric.