Laundry Tips | Washing, Drying, Finishing | Tips for ironing

Washing, Drying, Finishing

Laundry Tips | Washing, Drying, Finishing | Tips for ironing

Tips for ironing

Always check the label and iron clothes at the appropriate temperature

Use a cloth or towel to protect delicate fabrics

Don’t iron when clothes are soiled or stained

Make sure clothes are cool and dry before folding to prevent wrinkles

How to press padded shoulders?

Place a folded towel inside the shoulder, hold it in place with your hand and press. If the sleeve is gathered or pleated, use a towel in the same way to fill out the shoulder while you press with the tip of the iron.

How to iron garments trimmed with beads or embroidery?

Place a towel under the garment and iron it from the inside to avoid flattening the embroidery or marking the beads. For sweaters or other garments that may lose their shape when turned inside out, use the towel to shield the trim and press through the towel using the steam setting.

How to remove shiny marks left on fabric after ironing?

Ironing directly on some fabrics such as wool or twill may cause a shine to develop when the fibres are crushed. When the pants become shiny, one way to bring it back to its original state is to spray steam from a steam iron by placing the steam iron above the pants, leaving a gap between the iron and the pants. For lighter shine that is not so serious, like the shine on the buttock portion on school uniforms, you can use a toothbrush (harder ones) and brush it over the shine. Then place a cloth or light towel over the pants and spray the steam from a steam iron as explained above.

Shiny marks on polyester and synthetic clothing are caused by heat causing the fibres to melt and are difficult to remove. Always check the label. As a general guideline, synthetics such as polyester always require low to medium heat and do not require high levels of heat to remove wrinkles.